Scavenger Adventure Race

Our Scavenger Adventure Races are custom designed utilizing a base format. The following is a standard format, which may be changed dependent on the final race design, as per the client’s desires.

Most races begins with teams gathering to meet with the Race Host, who will get them excited and ready to play. They receive instructions, time to strategize, then off they go.

Throughout the hunt, teams are texted a riddle to solve at alternating intervals, which will lead them to a Pit Stop. There, a Field Agent will have a little fun with them by having them perform a task. The twist is that they won’t be given just one task to perform, but rather a choice of two. Teams must decide which is going to take less time. The easy choice may be deceiving, as they cannot continue on until they finish their task, and one may end up being a lot more difficult than they may have expected!

Points are also rewarded for photo-ops and items they must collect from a Field Agent. Teams will be given Hunt Money to bribe the Field Agent, but the team that spends the least amount of money will receive Bonus Points in the end.

scavenger adventure hunt race 1

scavenger adventure hunt race 2

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