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We are excited that you are looking to spend your special day with us.  We are proud now more than ever to offer you the opportunity to join us indoors at the newly renovated Sherwood Chalet or at our beautiful outdoor pavilion, the Maple Grove.  Both offer unique and unforgettable experiences.  Please be sure to take virtual tours of both options available online, and then we can have you join us for a walk through when you visit us. Click either photograph below to see more information on each venue. 


“If you are looking for elegance, fabulous five-star restaurant cuisine, attentive and accommodating staff this is the venue you need to use!"

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Have you met the perfect man or woman but can’t decide on the perfect theme for your wedding?? Our complimentary e-book is a “look book” of inspiration that will assist you in finding your wedding style!! The real question is “Why choose between just one or two styles?” Did you know you can combine country charm and city elegance creating a unique look and taking the best of both worlds. 

You and your guests can enjoy a rustic chic wedding in an idyllic setting here at Forest Lodge. From décor and color palettes to customized cuisine and wedding cakes to picture-perfect backdrops, our e-book is your ultimate guide to pulling off that sought-after elegant country-inspired wedding look.

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Take advantage of Forest Lodge’s natural beauty at The Gazebo. This romantic and beautifully landscaped rustic setting is perfect for your wedding ceremony, portraits, or even just a quiet place to reflect on the excitement of the day!

Two entrances provide a private entrance for the bridal party and a separate entry for your guests. Professionally landscaped, this area is lush and blooming all four seasons. The Gazebo is surrounded by our all new stone patio and a staircased deck.


No need to relocate...Your guests are invited to linger after the ceremony, enjoying our exquisitely landscaped patio and adjoining deck for Cocktail Hour. And why not gather around our newly-installed fire pit? We proudly offer a full bar, catering and food service in this charmingly-landscaped outdoor wedding venue. We also happily accommodate Cigar Bars, Food Trucks and S’mores Stations in this area upon request!

Here at the Forest Lodge, we cater while we ensure a feeling of elegance and intimacy and allow the space to be yours for your most special day.


Our expert chefs are European and CIA-trained, leading their culinary teams to handcraft mouthwatering cuisine, providing you with a wide variety of options for your personalized menu. We cherish the opportunity to partner with you to customize a wedding day menu that is not only exclusively yours, but also sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

To learn more about our catering and customized menu options for our New Jersey wedding venue, please contact our wedding staff at (908) 754-7300.


Here at THE MAPLE GROVE, we have found success in presenting our outdoor pavilions located within our 50 acres facility as a comfortable open-air space to host your exclusive formal outdoor event. Specializing in weddings, we can also host any outdoor social gathering of choice.

Rebecca & Arthur

I tend not to give reviews unless the service or product is beyond terrible or absolutely stellar. Fortunately for me, it’s the latter. My wife and I had such an amazing experience at the Forest Lodge. I know you are supposed to be pampered and taken care of for your wedding, but my wife and I seriously felt like royalty. Under Anthony Panchery’s leadership everything fell into place quite impressively, from the ceremony and cocktail hour to the dessert and everything in between. The army of servers that came out to serve our guests were an incredible bunch. Not sure where Anthony got them from but they were all very respectful and obviously hard working. My wife was even assigned a dedicated bridal attendant, Jimena, who was no doubt an asset to the evening. My family and friends had nothing but compliments for how everything flowed. I was so blessed with how many people come up to me to say how this was the best wedding they’ve attended in quite some time. From how beautiful the outside venue was, to how everything seemed to flow so smoothly. Even my DJ said how impressed he was with how he and the other vendors were treated. I had nothing to do with how my wife found this place for our wedding, but I’m so glad she did. I was also very pleased with how flexible Anthony and the Forest Lodge were with scheduling (and re-scheduling) when we had to cancel TWICE last year due to various Covid related issues. It’s probably no sweat off their back because it’s something they do for a living, but I hope they will one day realize how much of a blessing they made our wedding experience. Anthony and his people brought together our months of planning and stress (stressful mostly for me) and made a wonderful masterpiece out of it. Other than this review, I cannot thank you guys enough for giving us the experience we had!

             Wedding Date: 6/25/21 [posted: July 22nd, 2021 on TheKnot]


Devon Kappel

"Forest Lodge went above and beyond our expectations for our wedding last Saturday. This staff is so professional, accommodating, and not to mention they are all EXTREMELY kind. They were flexible with everything that we asked them for, and put on a wedding that was miles beyond what we thought it was going to be. Sean, our Maitre d’, was so professional, and did not skip a beat the entire night. He went through a rehearsal with all of my groomsmen, accommodated my wife and I the entire time, and also took the time to make sure my nieces and nephews were having a good time and got them whatever they needed as well. If I didn’t know any better there were probably multiple clones of Sean running around, because I can’t fathom how he was in so many places at once without breaking a sweat. My wife and I can’t say enough about how great he was. Also the bridal attendant Lea made my wife feel incredibly special and she cannot stop ranting and raving about her. If there were more than 5 stars to give, it still wouldn’t be enough."

          -Wedding Date: 7/10/21 [posted: July 12th, 2021 on FB]





















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Antonia & James

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Melissa & Joseph


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