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Wedding Trends that Center Around the Couple

Bride and her bridesmaids

Weddings have had a bit of a Renaissance this past year. People in general are thrilled to be attending events with friends and family. All this boisterousness has spilled onto the wedding trends that have been making their way into the scene. The staff at Forest Lodge is happy to help you incorporate these great ideas.  

Bold colors. The days of gray and beige, affectionately known as greige, are over. No more muted palettes and demur tones. Color is back in a big way. From bold floral arrangements with vibrant hues to table settings with a rainbow of options. Couples are demanding bright and radiant color choices to make their big day unforgettable.

Larger guest counts. Haven’t seen cousin Morty in years? Grandma Ethel says she’s willing to travel again. Guest lists are growing larger, and brides and grooms aren’t cutting them—they’re adding to them. The trend for larger weddings shows no signs of abating any time soon. Celebrations are expanding to include all the significant people in a couple’s life. So, reach out to that college buddy, don’t forget your mom’s bestie, and make sure the room is overflowing with love and affection.  Forest Lodge can accommodate up to 350 guests for an outdoor wedding and 175 guests for an indoor wedding.

Food favors. Brides and grooms are ditching the boring favors for after-event treats. Send your guest home with a hot pretzel, fried Oreos, or some other savory delight. People have enough bottle openers and shot glasses. Give them a culinary memory to cap off your perfect day.

Wedding cakes are back. For quite a while, wedding cakes were considered passe. Cupcake towers and sundae bars dominated the scene. And while some couples still choose alternate sweet treats for their guests, trend-watchers are noticing a huge uptick in big bold cakes with all of the trimmings. Statement cakes are back and bigger than ever. Forest Lodge has a long-standing partnership with a local bakery that won on the television show Cake Wars. These bakery magicians are the best of the best and can totally pull off your five-tier dream cake.

Individualized to the max. Most important to every bride and groom is that their wedding is truly and uniquely their own. If a stale tradition needs to be left out, so be it. If a different path needs to be forged, bring it on. Couples need to find a venue that will work with them to create a wedding that will not only be enjoyed by the guests but will be forever cherished by the couple who sparked it all.  

An experienced staff is vital. The team at Forest Lodge can help to create a dream wedding that will be unique to the couple. A good team can consult, manage, budget, and take the stress out of what should be a stress-free celebration. No drama, just extraordinary memories of a beautiful day.


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