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Team building can feel awkward for many employees who may feel so disconnected in the workplace.  The social benefits can last the whole year long if done correctly while increasing productivity and relieving stress in the office.

The Lodge is the perfect place to host your next team building event in Warren, NJ. Below are some of our favorite team building activities.

Adventure Text Hunt: This activity is a fun team scavenger hunt with technology! Teams will be given a sealed envelope containing a list and instructions and will receive text directions. The team must decipher this text to lead them to their first destination and one of our “City Agents.” The agents will have them perform a task and give them part of a riddle. Once this is accomplished, they must text back the correct answer resulting in the receipt of further instructions via another text message. See which employees work the best together to crack the code first!

Culinary Quiz Show: A super fun interactive game that all team members can take part in, you do not need to be a culinary genius but who doesn't love food! This exercise begins with an icebreaker then moves into different challenges you and your team have to tackle. Here are some examples:

  • Around The Globe:
    • The ever fun and ever-challenging Food Trivia round - about foods around the Globe.
  • Count On This:
    • Teams are quizzed on calories, fat, sugar and measurements in this eye-opening Trivia Challenge!
  • Color Me This:
    • The Game Host quickly gives the teams one color after the next as they try to beat the clock, naming as many food items as they can in that color.
  • Food Jeopardy:
    • We will quiz the teams on food items.
  • Memory Game:
    • Teams flip over food cards and attempt to remember where they were located in order to make a match.
  • The Winning Touch:
    • It’s easy to know what food product you are touching when your eyes are open, but it's a totally different story when you are blindfolded. Contestants must guess various food items in this “eye-opening” challenge!
  • Chocolate Tasting:
    • Each member of each team is given a taste of a chocolate where they must guess the “special” ingredients!

Art With A Purpose: The team at Forest Lodge will lead you and your employees to cultivate an art masterpiece. When the artwork is finished, all pieces will be transferred to ceramic tiles and mounted on top of a table. The best part is, this table will be donated to a charity. When selecting from team building events you will find that this one is not only fun but also guaranteed to fill all of your employees’ hearts with empathy and gratitude. This is a great way to bring your team members together.

Corporate Survivor: You and your employees will be divided into teams. The teams will be instructed to come up with a name and design a team logo. Following this, teams will compete in a series of both mental and physical challenges. Challenges will be rotated until all teams have competed against each other. The main objective for each team is to gather as many Victory Tokens as possible. At the end, the two teams with the most Victory Tokens compete against each other in one last fun-filled creativity challenge.

Triviarama: This is one of our most popular team-building exercises. We like to compare this activity to a speedy version of the famous game of Jeopardy. Teams will compete in categories such as: Table Trivia, Name That Tune Movies, Pop Music Our Famous Name That Tune TV, All Time Hits Name That Tune, Food Trivia, and Customized Trivia. A great and fun way for your employees to get to know each other on the beautiful grounds of The Forest Lodge.

Team-building events are not done in the office or on everyone’s agenda.  Productive offices have to work on great relationships. Why not create bonding moments with some of our favorite team-.building ideas at Forest Lodge. Contact us today to start planning your next NJ team-building event.


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