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5 Ways to Show Your Employees You Care at the Company Picnic

Company picnics are a great way to boost employee morale. By providing your employees with an enjoyable, social event where they can truly be themselves will improve relationships and stress management in the workplace. The Grounds at the Lodge is the perfect setting for your next company picnicwith over 50 acres of fresh, open air  in Warren, New Jersey. Here are 5 ways that you can take advantage of the benefits of company picnics and show your employees how much you care at your next company picnic.

Show You Support Their Family

Nothing shows you care as much as extending the company picnic invitation to their loved ones. Whether it is their significant other, children, or both, family always brings everyone together. One of the best benefits of company picnics is having authentic conversations with your employees and finally meeting the loved ones they talk so highly about in the office.

Present Awards and Achievements

A company picnic is the perfect occasion to announce exciting news and recognize employee achievements.  Surpass a sales goal? Working overtime as a hero worker during the pandemic.  Share the news and capitalize on the opportunity to thank everyone in person for making it possible!

Don’t Neglect Special Diets

Our expert chefs and culinary team at the Forest Lodge will ensure that all of your employees are pleased even with the most extensive pallets. Modern day diets vary greatly from gluten free, to vegan, to vegetarian, to keto and more. Paying attention to these details will show your employees that you pay attention to their dietary needs.

Host the Picnic at a Top-Notch Venue

Hosting your event at the local bar may seem no different to your employees than a daily lunch meeting. Select a venue that really showcases your appreciation for your employees. A beautiful venue like the Forest Lodge is the perfect place. We offer expansive lawns, shadedgroves, 75,000 square feet of pavilions, and tented spaces. Each pavilion has its own well-manicured shaded grove area and features extensive recreational facilities. Not only will your employees be impressed with the venue, but they will also notice the extensive work that went into selecting the location.

Modernize the Event and Cherish the Memories

A fun modern twist you can add to the picnic is creating a hashtag that they can use with their social media posts. For example #companypicnicsnj. This will create a compilation of photos that you can cherish in memory of the fun time that you were all able to share together. This will prove to your employees that this event is special and something to be remembered.

There are many benefits to hosting a company picnic, especially at The Forest Lodge in Warren, New Jersey. Contact us today to get started planning your next company picnic to show your employees how grateful you are for their endless hard work. 


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