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We have gathered tips from wedding experts to offer you simple and modern ideas to have the most unique and chic wedding of your dreams.

You may be surprised that keeping things simple, incorporating fresh greenery, minimalist design and dress are the answers to finding your unique and chic wedding theme.

Read more to discover some great tips and advise.   Soon, you will be dancing the night away in the Sherwood Chalet at Forest Lodge in the most incredible venue with the best decor.


One of the most important decisions in your wedding reception planning is the venue location. There are many things to consider when deciding on a wedding venue. Such as;

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Simple, rustic, chic or elegant
  • Cuisine and menus
  • Size
  • Help and guidance from professional planners

         ...and more!

Lucky for you, Forest Lodge can accommodate all of these. With both indoor and outdoor venues, the most delectable cuisines offered by our inhouse expert chefs, and spaces accommodating up to 6,000 guests you will be delighted with your decision to celebrate your wedding with us.


Believe it or not, a minimalist designed dress will make you the focal point of the party and more importantly, the photographs. Too much glitz and glamor can be distracting. A simple gown is sure to complement your figure in style and still make a statement. Minimalist wedding gowns offer effortless style in the most unique and chic way. You are sure to be remembered in your simple scoop neck, open back, or even off the shoulder, white gown.


Can you imagine a wedding filled with greenery rather than flowers? We can. Using greenery as arrangements in your wedding offers a fresh look and feel. If you still want to add florals to your wedding, mix white flowers in with the greenery. Simple table settings with centerpieces bursting with greens, vines, and simple flowers are perfect for your unique and chic wedding design.


If you have not noticed the influx of foodies in our world today you are kindly mistaken. Most people have grown ambitious with their food palettes, so why not create excitement with interesting flavors at your wedding. Perfect pairings of fun hors d'oeuvres with exciting and unique cocktails will leave your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. 


If you are not familiar with this term, a monochromatic color scheme means: picking one or two shades of a certain hue and incorporating that into all aspects of your wedding day. If this does not speak to you as unique and chic then we are not sure what will! A monochromatic color scheme does not have to apply to just your decor but even your cake. Picture a beautifully stacked white cake, lined with white ribbon, and gold accents. This color scheme is definitely a chic and simple way to tie together your reception decor.

Some examples of a monochromatic color scheme include:

  • White on white
  • A combination of black and white
  • Gold calligraphy details and accent colors
  • Shades of green and gray
  • Pale pink and Cream

Now that you have all of the tools and tips to host a unique and chic wedding, begin your planning! Contact the professionals at Forest Lodge today to get started in creating your dream wedding at the best wedding venue in Warren, New Jersey. “We take care of all the details for you to create your dream day.”


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