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Why should you host a company picnic at Forest Lodge? There are many benefits of hosting a company picnic; most importantly, it creates bonding and fosters togetherness for you and your employees! Your employees will remember the times and unforgettable memories with co-workers. All the while, we will handle all the work and stress. Here are five benefits of hosting a company picnic at Forest Lodge in Warren, NJ.

Departmental Bonding

           Company picnics help connect all employees, regardless of job roles. A corporate event is a perfect time to bring all departments together. Often, the workspace creates a divide between departments and ranks. A company picnic in NJ creates a fun environment, allowing employees to approach their bosses in ways they would not otherwise in the office. Without the presence of a high-stress work environment, workers can view each other for the humans that they are, learning about each other and building their relationships. Lastly, they can simply enjoy the picnic with their families in the open air of Warren, New Jersey.

Boost Employee Morale

           Another benefit of company picnics is that they are great for boosting employee morale. A day in NJ  surrounded by beautiful sights, delicious food, and happy faces will be sure to reduce stress, rejuvenate, and motivate employees. A casual and fun picnic setting allows for bonding and lasting relationships without the worry of having to reach a work deadline. Reduce workers’ stress and improve motivation by hosting a company picnic your employees can look forward to. 

Show Your Commitment and Care

            An event planned solely for the enjoyment of your employees proves to them that you care about their happiness and well-being. Likely, the gratitude that stems from the appreciation of the event will carry over into the workplace and create a lasting, positive environment. 

Improve Work Culture

           Employees want to work for a company that is strong at the core with value and employee engagement. Hosting a company picnic in NJ will do just that! A company picnic allows you to put your business values into action. A well-planned, annual event will help prove that you want to reward your employees for all of their hard work. The implementation of awards at the picnic will even further encourage employees to work harder and feel appreciated.

Keep Your Employees Engaged

           Employees unhappy with their career show up to work just for their paycheck. Improving company culture and reassuring employees of their value to the company will improve their everyday efforts. Hosting a company picnic creates an environment that workers want to be a part of. As the host, you also get the chance to engage with your employees on a personal level and learn more about them and their families!

Hosting a company picnic has a wide array of benefits for you and your employees. Forest Lodge in Warren, NJ has all the amenities to make your picnic the perfect corporate outing. Contact us today!


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