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5 Reasons That You Should Have An Outdoor Wedding 

Choosing your wedding venue can be very stressful, yet also exciting. Your wedding venue sets the mood for the entire day; you want to make the right choice. An outdoor wedding reception venue in NJ, may be the perfect option for you. The Sherwood Chalet at Forest Lodge caters to both indoor and outdoor weddings. There are many advantages to hosting an outdoor wedding, especially in the gentle, rolling hills of the grounds of Forest Lodge. Today we will be sharing with you the reasons why having an outdoor wedding reception at a venue in NJ with over 50 acres of stunning landscapes is the perfect option for you and your partner.

Stunning Photography:

Nothing compares to natural lighting. Your photographer will not have to use artificial lighting and all of your pictures will be gorgeous! You want to look back on your wedding day and fall in love all over again. Lucky for you, a NJ outdoor wedding venue like the Lodge will make this easy. Your photographer will be able to capture the changes in the lighting as the reception carries into the evening, making the photographs and memories even more special. Natural lighting creates soft, warm photographs that cannot be captured indoors with artificial lighting or a flash. This reason alone may help you make your decision.

Beautiful and Unique Backdrops: 

No decorations compare to the unique, stunning backdrops that nature can create. In over 50 acres of beautifully open land at Forest Lodge, every moment will be picture perfect. There is no substitute for lush greenery, fresh air, and sunshine. The charming and natural beauty of the grounds at Forest Lodge offer endless opportunities for your photographer to capture your guests laughing, celebrating, and cherishing the memories. 

Unlimited Creativity: 

You have the freedom to get creative with decor that may otherwise not be possible in an indoor wedding venue. For example, a tree trunk photo display,  string lights, pom poms hanging from trees. All are rustic and beautiful decorations that you can incorporate on your special day. The outdoors allows for all sorts of creativity and DIY wedding projects that will impress your guests and add to the beauty of your outdoor wedding venue.

Fresh air and freedom:

Have we mentioned the patio and firepit at the Sherwood Chalet? This alone may make you decide on our NJ  outdoor wedding reception venue. This is the perfect space forYour ceremony and cocktail hour but your guests will enjoy this area throughout the evening. At Forest Lodge, we also happily accommodate Cigar Bars, Food Trucks and S’mores Stations in this area.

Do It for the Ambiance: 

Rain or shine, the feeling of being outdoors alters anyone’s mood for the better. If you are hosting your reception during the day you have sunshine and fresh air to brighten the mood. If your reception is being held at night you have the brisk air, romantically lit string lights, and the fire pit to set the ambiance. You want your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. The outdoor wedding venue at Forest Lodge offers all of the above!

An outdoor wedding venue will create an unforgettable atmosphere and wedding. The natural lighting, beautiful decor,blissful ambiance and the Sherwood Chalet at The Forest Lodge will blow you away. If you are interested in hosting an outdoor wedding reception at our NJ venue, contact us today! 

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