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Making Epic Prom Memories in an Unforgettable Setting

Girls in prom dresses hugging

This year’s prom season seems to be aiming for next-level party status. This creates several challenges in finding the right hosting venue. First, how does the staff meet the prom-goer’s expectations? And second, how does the staff keep them safe in their well-deserved revelry?

Forest Lodge continues to be a top choice among prom planners because it offers a unique rustic backdrop with all the amenities a planning crew can imagine. Here are some key points that planners should look for:

Take things outdoors. Forest Lodge is still offering both indoor and outdoor event planning, and since many proms take place in the warmer months, an outdoor option may be something to consider. The outdoor space can accommodate up to 750 promgoers.

Training is key. The staff at Forest Lodge has been trained in basic teen-hosting safety strategies such as strict alcohol restriction protocols and CPR. Amazing ambiance, great food, and trendy music are the only substances our prom guests will need to have the time of their lives. The team also adheres to a see-something, say-something policy and will alert event chaperones if anything seems amiss. Forest Lodge is so committed to keeping young guests safe that they will even add additional chaperones to keep an eye on things.

Tag me. In today’s social media-driven environment, the staff at Forest Lodge ensures that promgoers have plenty of amazing backdrops to indulge in every selfie and posting opportunity they could want. The team also works with planning committees to give them the chance to add decorations and thematic touches that will help the prom stand out from the rest.  

Powerful partnerships. Over the years the team at Forest Lodge has cultivated many partnerships with outside vendors including photo booths and DJs. These core elements of the prom experience really make the difference between a mediocre dance and a prom that will be talked about and cherished for the rest of their lives. The DJs at Forest Lodge will help create an appropriate playlist that will keep kids on the dance floor and will keep the event’s vibe upbeat.

It's about the kids. Most important to everyone at Forest Lodge is to keep the event authentic and have the prom attendees’ needs and expectations in mind. The staff will work with prom committee members and booster club sponsors to work within budget and to have every option presented and explored. There is so much that can be done to elevate the tone of the event and the team is happy to guide planners through trends and away from pitfalls.

A major milestone. In the end, a prom is a coming-of-age moment. It is a milestone that celebrates friends marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next.  It is sacred and special and should afford plenty of memory-making moments. The right venue is key to accomplishing this. As planners continue to explore options, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask venue representatives what steps they are taking to keep prom-goers safe. Make sure that the options they have available are in line with the expectations of the students as well as their parents. Ask about picture spots. Ask how a venue works to set itself apart from other prom locations. At Forest Lodge, we welcome these questions.


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