True Colors

The goal of the program is to teach participants to resolve conflicts, which are usually rooted in misunderstanding, by learning how to better support each other and have an improved understanding of how to better service their clients. After the talk, what was learned will we will reinforced with the teams competing in rounds of challenges in a unique Game Show format.

Observational Challenge

Personality Parade: The facilitator/actors will take turns addressing the audience with short monologues. Teams will be given 15 seconds to decide which personality trait the actor most possesses (Direct, Paced, Extroverted or Structured) and points will be awarded for each correct assessment.

Trust building Challenge

Minefield: While blindfolded, participants must get from one end to the other (with a guide) without stepping on a mine.

Strategy Challenge

Scrap Yard Challenge: Teams must build a structure with the items given and time allocated.

Creative Challenge

Picture This! Teams take turns drawing a picture, picking up where the last person left off, resulting in a fun and unexpected artistic achievement!


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