This is an original Murder On Cue ® Mystery.

It's a secret world of corporate intrigue involving international spies, stolen formulas, covert deals, and undercover deception. Your group becomes part of the action, as foreign agents (our actors who move the scripted story along) vie for the opportunity to obtain a valuable new formula (software design) from an internationally recognized research scientist.

As unsuspecting guests enter for cocktails, they are greeted by a detective, who informs them a murder has occurred and that it will be up to them to assist in solving the crime. During the cocktail hour, as the other guests mingle and interact with each other, the PI will find the Guest Suspects and give them their secret information.

Throughout the course of the event, teams have the opportunity to win Bonus Clues by answering a series of fun, general knowledge trivia questions (which may be tailored to relate to the client’s group, if desired). Teams work against the clock and each other, finally putting their heads together to solve the mystery.

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