Food For Thought

Food for Thought™ is a fun, fast based, CSR, Charitable Team Builder. It is a 2-3 hour two part Team Building program designed to foster camaraderie and team work while giving back to the community and building social responsibility.

The first part of the program is a series of fun food challenges and interesting trivia where participants can win Pantry coupons. The more coupons a team wins, the better, because they will need them in the second half of the Food For Thought Challenge!

Food Baskets Assembled:

Teams create foodbaskets using the food coupons they won to purchase their basket items from the Pantry Supply Store. Items for purchase include food products, baskets, paper, ribbons, cellophane, and decorations.

Points Awarded for the Most Creative Basket Theme Design as well as their Gift Basket Presentation. Team members will be asked to write a thoughtful note, signed by all the members, to be place in the basket.

Food For Thought Baskets Distribution:

Arrangements can be made for all of the Team Baskets to be given out to families in need.

food for thought 1

food for thought 2

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