Corporate Survivor

As they enter, Participants/Castaways are immediately drawn into the spirit of the game with the sounds of tribal music playing in the background. The Survivor Host immediately gets them involved by playing a quick, fun opening exercise to divide the group into teams and then sends them to their designated team areas, where they will begin their first challenge.

Teams are then instructed to name their team and design a Team Logo. After a 5 minute Team Council to discuss vital strategies, teams will compete against others in a series of both mental, fun and physical (couch potato friendly) challenges.

Challenges will be rotated until all teams have competed against each other. For every challenge a team wins, they receive a Victory Token, with the objective being to gather as many Victory Tokens as possible.

The two teams with the most Victory Tokens compete against each other in one last fun-filled creativity challenge, as the remaining teams become the final Tribal Council and decide on the winning team!

corporate survivor 1

corporate survivor 3

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