History of Forest Lodge

Now celebrating our 80th year in business!



Sam and Anna Asarnow bought the property that is now Forest Lodge as a summer retreat for their family. From what we have been told by their relatives who stop in occasionally, the Asarnow’s would invite friends to come here for a day of relaxation and fun but eventually people started showing up uninvited. So in 1933, the Asarnow family decided to start charging $.25/person to get in, hence the beginning of a business that still thrives today under the Forest Lodge name. The first company picnic was one for the Esso Corporation in the mid 1930’s.

The Asarnow family sold the property in 1968 to Robert Evans who maintained the business through 1980 by leaving the picnic grounds open to the public at a fee and offering a Country Rock Bar at night.

In 1980 Charlie Alberto purchased Forest Lodge and restored the original vision of the Asarnow family by offering a place for people to relax and enjoy the country air while updating menus, facilities and entertainment to the expectations of the times. Shortly after purchasing the business, the Alberto Family made the decision to close to the public. The corporate events were becoming so popular that there was little room left for guests coming in without a reservation. The Alberto Family also closed the Country Rock Bar in 1981 to create what is now the beautifully appointed Sherwood Chalet, which caters to everything from Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs to Meetings and seminars. Under the Alberto family management, Forest Lodge has expanded from a picnic site to Full Service Event Coordination, offering all types of Corporate Events including: Seminars, Meetings, Company Picnics, Team Building Events, Morale Boosters, and Elegant Outdoor Events in addition to the social events in The Sherwood Chalet. Forest Lodge is a first job for many young adults in the surrounding area as we employee up to 150 part time staff members. The management team includes Charlie Alberto III, President along with Vice President Linda A. Taylor, CMP, General Manager, Brian Howard and Assistant Events Manager, Sharon Pier. Combined we offer years of experience to help you make your event the best one yet!

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