Set the stage for an event that truly says unique! We can transform our environment to reflect a culture, highlight a theme, or step back in time. Only a sample of many themes we can suggest.

outdoor nightclub.

Ultimate Nightclub

Lighting sets the mood for excitement as the anticipation builds as you walk the red carpet. You’re instantly elevated to VIP status as you walk right past the bouncer into this sleek venue. Low couches and tables, potted palms, and the classic mirrored disco ball set the stage for dancing and revelry.

carnevale mask.


Experience the mystery of Italy’s Carnevale! Celebrated with professional performers to entertain your guests – magicians, jugglers, cyclists, tarot card readers, jesters and more! Have an elegant masquerade ball or just peek from behind an ornate mask. Rich food and lavish decor are the standard and props are a must.  Mischief and pranks are common during Carnevale, hence the saying A Carnevale Ogni Scherzo Vale, anything goes at Carnevale! 

black jack table.

Monte Carlo

From the blackjack tables to the roulette wheels, feel like you’ve stepped into the chic world of the Riviera. Join the “movie stars” and famous crowd as they try their luck at the craps tables while sipping champagne. Perhaps your prefer glitz over glamour, be dazzled by the bright lights and try some Texas Hold ‘em before you see the show girls in a production on stage! Your guests can enjoy a friendly competition on the “Grand Prix” racetrack.

recording studio.

American Bandstand

Venture back to the time where you did not lock your doors at night, there were no metal detectors in airports and no seat belts in cars. Come back to the time where the pace of everyday life was so much slower…come back to the time when stars were stars. Your first stop should be the “Ticket Booth” under the Custom Marquis to sign up for the Dance and or Karaoke Contests. Greeted by the sounds of the 50’s – jump right in to the magic of this era and join the dancing with the “Sock Hop girls, just listen or sing along with the enchanting music of such greats as The Platters, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry! Get “Ed Sullivan’s” or “Elvis’s” autograph on your way to the Ice Cream Soda Shoppe, or stop to pick a song on the jukebox. Record your own CD at the Rocking Recording Booth and take it with you as a memento of your party!

pig roast.

American Regional

Invite your guests to appreciate America “Sea to Shining Sea.” Enjoy a New England feast with a traditional Lobster Bake, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will love the Jersey Fresh Vegetables of the East Coast. Perhaps your tastes run towards a Southwestern BBQ – with Beef Short Ribs and Cowboy Steaks or specialties from the Deep South like a Louisiana Cajun Chicken Sandwich, Pacific Coast Fare includes a great raw bar selections and regional wines. 

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