As full service event coordinators, Forest Lodge can arrange for all your games and entertainment needs. As with all our services, we use only the highest quality performers, safe, clean and attractive rides and the most popular amusements and entertainment!

For Everyone

Disc Jockeys and Recreation Programs

Complete Compact Disc Jockey with a selection of over 1,000 discs to choose from. Fun filled 4-Hour packages available, with exciting recreation professionals -- coordinating and emceeing fun picnic games! Based on number of guests and program selected.

Team Challenge

An obstacle course that appeals to all ages, especially teens. You and your opponent start the race at the front and begin crawling through tunnels, under walls, over hills, and finally tagging the back wall. The first one back out wins.

Forest Lodge Retro Arcade

Bring back the days of good old-fashioned pre-technology Arcade fun! These fun filled items can be rented as 3, 4. or 5 item packages. Try your skill at World Cup Soccer Pinball, Foosball, Bulls Eye Ball, Mini Hoops Basketball & Boomerang Air Hockey! Video Game choices include: World Class Bowling, Rush the Rock Racing, Operation Thunderbolt, Galaga/Frogger/Ms Pacman Combo and Golden Tee Golf!

Bungee Trampoline/Rock Wall Combo

This 24’ hard rock wall is a dare devils dream. Designed for adults and children alike, the safety equipment is all in place for your ascend to the top of the wall and for the awesome time bouncing on the Bungee Trampolines.

Casino Tables

Choice of Texas Hole’Em, Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, and more! Dealers & Pit Boss Included. Fun for everyone and even more popular if prizes are added!

Super Imposed Video Pictures

All new backgrounds to choose from! Popular with kids, teens and adults and one of the most popular attractions on the East Coast! Presented as a memento with Frames. Frames can be customized at an additional charge.

Wrecking Ball

As the boulder swings the other players need continue to push it into others. The object of the game is to knock off your opponents and be the last person standing. Are you the next champ? This will be a great addition to any team building.

Massage Therapists

Licensed therapists bring chairs and everything to you. Pricing based on numbers of therapists and hours.

Mini NASCARTM Racing

Race up to 5 slot less, Winston Cup repli “cars” around a banked oval speedway. Rugged crash proof cars even have a reverse speed! Compete throughout the day and top scores meet back for a race-off. Trophies awarded.

Rock Climbing Wall

Our Rock Climbing Wall is a huge hit with everyone. The wall allows three climbers at a time. They are safely harnessed and the built in safety system constantly monitors their every move while climbing. The wall stands 24 feet tall, and is a great attention getter.

Putting Contest

Have a tournament throughout the day, the golfers with the best scores with play each other at the end of the day! Consolation prizes awarded to winners of each round then Grand Prizes awarded to the top 3 golfers in the final round!

TV Game Show with Host

Exciting Trivia Contest - players each stand behind their own podium with electronic buzzers & microphones. Electronic scoreboard lights up!

“Country Fair” Game Booths

Our carnival game booths are very colorful, attractive and so much fun! The game selection is too large to list, but we carry the traditional to the very latest games available. Game booth includes, Staff, Game, and winner as well as consolation prizes!

Inflatable Golf Driving Cage

Ready to show off your golf game? Swing a club of your choice in our inflatable golf cage. Includes: golf clubs, turf mat, golf balls, radar gun, readout and attendant.

Laser Shot

Maybe you want to shoot skeet, take target practice or experience a Wild West shoot out. With this laser sighting shooting simulator, you can challenge yourself in many exciting environments.

Wild Rapids

New Water Slide!!! Climb to the top, hop on a tube and relax as you go with the flow.

Water Wars

Two opponents step into the Water Wars battle station…drop a water balloon into the launcher…aim… and fire! A soaking great time! The shouts and laughter coming from the crowd adds even more fun to this great game.

Dunking Booth

A great game for fundraisers and large or small events. Once you have the most popular person on the seat, watch the people line up to throw a tennis ball at the target to dunk them, what could be more rewarding? Uses safe tennis balls.

Human Foosball

Your guests are the Foosball Players strapped to the crossbars with a Velcro band…can move left to right but that’s it! Try to score – it takes a Team Effort!
As much fun to watch as it is to play!

Jousting For Fun

Two people battle for the championship! Players climb on the pedestal, and with their joust polls they battle! What is awesome about this event, is the one that is more aggressive usually knocks themselves down first!

band performing.


guy and girl in photo booth.

fifties dancing.

team challenge.

people on stage.


For Kids

Kiddie Carnival Booths

(with attendants) All ages of line up to play these booths, as the games are not too difficult, such as: Dumbo’s Ring Toss, Frog Flinger, Football Toss. Golf Challenge, Slap Shot Hockey and Bean Bag Tosses. Consolation prizes included. Children up to 8 yrs.

Dalmatian or Spongebob Inflatable

Very Popular with children of all ages, come have fun in a 5-in-1 Inflatable Fun House.

Pony Rides

A long time picnic favorite for the little ones!


Walk around with Balloon Art!

Face Painting

Pick your favorite design to display! Easy clean up!


A great memento from the event!

Crayon or Palm Tree Bounce

Kids of all ages still love to jump and bounce! These 10x10 moonwalks include attendant who monitors the number and size of jumpers!

Crazy Candy Art

Create your own Edible Art! This offers a variety of tubes, necklaces and shapes to fill.

Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Sno Cones

Making the picnic festive and enjoying delicious Popcorn, Cotton Candy & Sno Cones at the same time!


Walk around or a show -- your choice or both!

Sand Art

Choose from the many vibrant colors of sand to create your own masterpiece!

Dixie Ferris Wheel

You can never go wrong with this piece. Up to 16 children can ride at one time.

Dumbo’s Flying Ride

8 lil riders at a time. Once they climb into the elephants they will begin to fly!

Super or Fire Truck Themed Slide

One of our most popular and thrilling ride in our line up, the Super Slide will appeal to children and adults alike. Half the fun is climbing up to the top with your slide mat, and then sliding down this Super Slide!

Kids Corner

Spin Art Machines. Spin Art projects are created on pictures cards by squirting water based paint into this state or the art machine. It’s fun, creative, and safe. We offer both single and double player machines.

Temporary Tattoos

Choose from a wide variety of assorted tattoos.

Car Wash Mist Inflatable

The new way to set up a mist tent! Walk thru wash and dry! Watch out for the “scrub brushes” and drying strips! Air blows thru to help cool off and dry off. Great for everyone on a hot day, but the kids will love it any day.

Bungee Run

You can run, but you won’t get far! Compete for distance with our Bungee Run. Two players get harnessed to a bungee cord. Our attendant begins the race sending them down their lane. Who ever sets their marker the furthest before getting pulled back wins.

Turbo Tubs

An updated version of the ever-popular tea cup ride. The Turbo Tubs can accommodate 24 passengers in its six tubs. The tub spinning action is individually controlled by the rider while the entire ride turns round and round.


The Swinger is an old time favorite and is still as popular as ever. Our brand new version of this ride is a great crowd pleaser with its flashy color scheme and high capacity. It has 10 seats and holds 30 kids or 20 adults. Another great family ride.


Up to 6 little ones at a time can take a spin. Climb in and spin the wheel as fast as you can so the berry can go round and round!

Draft Horse and Wagon

kids with parachute.

boy jousting.

girl with face painted.

remote control cars.

carnival water squirt game.





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